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SHRM 2003 Social and Networking Function
  You have been there before... gone to the Society for Human Resource Management national conference with 15, 000 or so HR people... and just knowing that there are quite a few of your gay brothers and lesbian sisters swimming around in that sea of HR pros! But, you have had no way to interact and network... until now. The Gay & Lesbian Human Resources Network will coordinate a Gay & Lesbian "dine around" event in Orlando on Sunday June 22 and Monday June 23. What is a "dine around"? This is a simple proposition that allows people who would often be dining alone, to join up with others of like interest for a dinner out at a restaurant as a group. The G&LHRN will arrange for the restaurant and the times, and you just show up, be seated at group tables, and order off the menu and pay your own bill...its a simple and easy way to meet and network with other Gay and Lesbian HR pros. 

Please add your email to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted as to the specifics of the events.

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Who Is GHRN?

We are a group of gay and lesbian human resources professionals that have come together for networking and socializing.

After recognizing the relatively large, but quiet, gay and lesbian representation in the delegates that attend Human Resource conferences and conventions, we felt it would be great to actually have a forum to interact and network with other gay and lesbian HR professionals at upcoming conferences.

This could be just a start...hopefully you can help determine how/what we should be. Sign up for the mailing list now.

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